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Cotton Collection

Fresh, natural cotton to add old southern softness to the modern farmhouse.

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Cotton Ball Pick, 12"

A finishing touch to add southern softness to any space, this 12" Cotton Ball Pick would look fantastic in any vase, desk, corner, or piano-top. The possibilities are endless!

Cotton Ball Spray 21"

Featuring fluffy puffs of cotton on a 21" spray, this faux Cotton Ball Spray is a charming southern addition to any floral bouquet.
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Cotton Ball Pick, 6"

Add this Cotton Ball Pick to a mason jar by the bathroom sink, as a bookshelf accent, or to freshen up a desk. There's nothing like a beautiful cotton floral to make you feel more at home. Standing at 6", this Cotton Ball Pick can cheer up tiny spaces and are a perfect addition to any floral arrangement.

Wild Cotton Candle Ring

Puffs of cotton in brown pods with green leaves. The brown-wrapped floral stem is accented with several lighter-colored wispy branches. Measures 5" inside diameter and 9" outside diameter.

Wild Cotton Ball Hanger, Small

Wild Cotton Ball Hanger features soft puffs of cotton assembled into a floral ball. Cotton pods and vibrant green leaves peak out for a pop of color. Ball measures 5" in diameter and has a 10" jute string hanger.

Cotton Ball Pick

Cotton Ball Pick features natural puffs of cotton in brown pods on a brown-wrapped floral stem. Measures 18" high.