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"Noel" Silver Wood Garland

The “Noel” Silver Wood Garland is a festive design featuring large sans-serif cutout capital wood letters covered in silver glitter that read “Noel.” This garland is perfect for hanging in doorways or large windows to show the holiday spirit. Measuring 9” high x 34” wide and a natural rope string, it is easily hung from a set of hooks (not included.)

Wooden Farmhouse Cathedral Arch

The Wooden Farmhouse Cathedral Arch is reminiscent of a classic cathedral window and would add that lovely bit of architecture with a distressed country flare to your farmhouse inspired style. A discreet sawtooth hanger placed in the center of the top of the arch makes hanging it easy. Measuring 19.75” wide x 23.5” high x 0.5” deep, it isn’t an overly large artwork, but it is a strong accent that would sit alongside a larger piece nicely.

Distressed White Architectural Cutout

The Distressed White Architectural Cutout is reminiscent of classic architectural elements that would compliment any farmhouse style perfectly. Though it is designed to be hung vertically from the single sawtooth hanger on the back, it would look great in either orientation on the wall of a country living room. Measuring 11.5” wide x 36” high x 0.5” deep, this vintage looking piece will add a bit of flare to any wall it’s hung on.

Distressed White Geometric Window Cutout

The Distressed White Geometric Window Cutout is designed to hang vertically on a wall due to its single sawtooth hanger. However with its signature cutouts, it would look great in any orientation on a wall in a farmhouse living room. The distressed paint gives the window piece a rustic or vintage feel. It measures 11.5” wide x 36” high x 0.5” deep making it the perfect accent to your country style.

"Believe" Silver Small Garland

The “Believe” silver small garland is a shiny holiday accent that fits perfectly hung in any small farmhouse window during the holidays. In all capital sans-serif letters, this garland reads “believe” and the letters are covered in a festive silver glitter. With the natural rope and measurements of 6” high x 37” wide, this garland is easily hung to show holiday cheer.

"Believe" Silver Wood Garland

The “Believe” Silver Wood Garland is a glittery accent that would look perfect with any shiny holiday decor. Hang this garland from your central window or interior doorway to show your holiday spirit. Measuring 9” high x 45” long, this is the larger version of item # 34576.

Give Thanks Cutout Wood Sign

“Give thanks always” reads this cutout wood sign. Measuring 14” high and 11.75” wide, it’s the perfect size for any farmhouse kitchen or gathering space. With white, distressed paint and a subtle wire hanger, this sign is a great addition to your country-inspired style.

Welcome Cutout Wood Sign

Invite guests into your farmhouse with this simple wooden sign that features both cut out and printed words reading “Welcome to our home.” This 17.75” high x 11.75” wide sign hangs easily from a wire that remains hidden from the front. With a layer of distressed, white paint, it has a weathered look that warms up any space.

Home Cut-out Wooden Sign

Our simple Home Cut-out Wooden Sign brings a subtle, contemporary look to the stylish farmhouse. The stencil-cut script lettering sits at the center of a wood panel painted with an off-white color. It has distressed edges that give this wall art a hint of rustic texture. Hang this 6.5” high x 12” wide sign by the attached metal wire hanger around the home.

Grateful Cut-out Wooden Sign sold separately.

Blessed Cut-out Wooden Sign

Hang this contemporary, farmhouse-chic sign in the living room or around the home. Its inspiring cutout and printed lettering reads “blessed not lucky” over a white background with hints of rustic distressing at the edges. Measuring 14” high x 17” wide, it hangs by a metal wire hanger that remains hidden behind the sign while mounted.

Grateful Cut-out Wooden Sign

The stencil-cut script lettering of this simple wood sign brings a touch of contemporary style to your chic farmhouse. It reads “grateful” on a blue background with distressed edges and hangs by a subtle, attached wire hanger that stays hidden behind the wood panel. This sign brings a positive attitude to the living room, kitchen, or even the bedroom and measures 6.5” high x 12” wide.

Home Cut-out Sign sold separately.

Nicest Word Wooden Cutout Sign

“Home is the nicest word there is” reads this simple, wooden sign. The lettering is a mix of cutout script above printed, white text over a contemporary blue background. Place this 17” high x 14” wide sign over a fireplace or on a feature wall in the living room, kitchen, or around the home. It hangs easily by an attached wire hanger that remains hidden from the front.

Blessed Galvanized Metal Wooden Block

Display this farmhouse-inspired block in the home on a tabletop or windowsill. It reads “blessed” in distressed, white lettering over a dark-washed, galvanized metal panel. Four screws secure this panel to a whitewashed-wood block, accented by sanded-down edges, making it perfect for a simple, country home. It stands 2” high x 11.5” wide x 2” deep.

Farmhouse Four-sided Metal Block

The galvanized metal of this four-sided block has a dark-washed finish under printed, white lettering that accents its four long sides. Lightly-distressed text reads “farmhouse,” “homestead,” “simple life,” and “good life.” Place this stylish, 2” high x 6” wide x 2” deep block on a mantle, shelf, or other tabletop area to bring rustic, country charm to the modern farmhouse.

Woven Baskets w/ Jute Handle, 3/set

Place this set of three woven baskets around the home to enhance its industrial farmhouse style. Each one has an open weave with a round top and square base. They feature a decorative, galvanized metal band and two rustic, jute rope handles. Each size measures 8” high x 20.25” in diameter, 7” high x 19” in diameter, and 6.75” high x 15.25” in diameter.

Hanging Scale w/ Two Wire Baskets

The rustic style and aged look of this metal hanging scale is perfect for any farmhouse-inspired home. A printed gage with measurements is adhered below the scale’s fulcrum and each arm features hooks that support two removable, 6” high x 12.75” diameter, metal-wire baskets. Use it to creatively display artificial fruit, decorative pillows, or plants and florals. Assembled, it measures 34.5” high x 36” wide x 12.75” deep and hangs by a hook at the top.

Please note: for decorative use only. This product is not intended to be used with food. Florals sold separately. Items pictured used as props.

White Enamel Windmill Wall Clock, 14”

Celebrate vintage, country style with our enameled windmill wall clock. White blades are arranged around a black center with two clock hands to resemble an old-fashioned windmill. Four numbers are arranged around this 14” diameter x 2” deep clock. It operates on one AA battery (not included) and hangs easily in the living room, kitchen, or around the home by the attached keyhole hanger.

Just Bloom Framed Easel, 2 asst.

The soft look of classically-painted blossoms balance contemporary, farmhouse style with these assorted easel designs. Each features a flower at the center with script lettering that reads either “just bloom” or “be still.” Its whitewashed-wood panel sits recessed by a stained, natural-wood border. Use the hinged easel to sit this simple 10” squared x .75” deep easel around the home in any room.

Please note: items are sold individually (not as a set) and chosen at our discretion. With assorted items, color or design choice cannot be specified.

Just Bloom Box Sign, 2 asst.

Classically-country florals encircle contemporary, script lettering on our assorted Just Bloom Box Signs. Two styles read either “just bloom” or “be still my soul” over a whitewashed-wood panel. The sides of each box sign are painted with a wash of either pink or green paint, and both stand 8” squared x 1.5” deep.

Please note: items are sold individually (not as a set) and chosen at our discretion. With assorted items, color or design choice cannot be specified.

Just Bloom Pillow, 2 asst.

These simple pillows look great on a couch, chair, or in the entryway of any sweet farmhouse. Made of white fabric, each of two styles features a classic, floral design with contemporary, script lettering that reads “just bloom” or “be still my soul.” Each stands 9.5” squared x 3.5” deep.

Please note: items are sold individually (not as a set) and chosen at our discretion. With assorted items, color or design choice cannot be specified.

Just Bloom Block, 2 asst.

Natural, stained wood frames these two assorted block styles. Each offers a farmhouse feel with a whitewashed-wood back panel and printed, watercolor flower at the center. Each design is accented by script lettering that reads one of two phrases: “be still” or “just bloom.” Both have an attached, sawtooth hanger and measure 4” squared x .25” deep.

Please note: items are sold individually (not as a set) and chosen at our discretion. With assorted items, color or design choice cannot be specified.

Live Life Happy Shadow Box Sign, asst.

Three styles of farmhouse-chic shadow boxes feature a vintage-inspired print on a slat-wood-veneer background. Each is framed by painted, natural wood and reads one of three phrases: “Live life happy,” “Enjoy the little things,” or “Smile today is going to be a good day” in raised, painted metal lettering paired with printed, typewriter-style text. Each stands 7” squared x 1.5” deep and stand freely or hang from an attached sawtooth hanger.

Please note: items are sold individually (not as a set) and chosen at our discretion. With assorted items, color or design choice cannot be specified.

Cement Votive Holder

Our Cement Votive Holder is the perfect way to display any votive candle. It adds the ageless look of cement to any home and measures 4½” high x 3” diameter. Please note: item does not include votive candle.

Cement Taper Block

Our Cement Taper Block measures as a 1¾” square. The gray color and rough texture of the cement gives it a classic look and feel that makes it ideal for holding any battery-operated taper candle. Please note: taper candle is a prop and is not included with the block.