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Welcome Cutout Wood Sign

Invite guests into your farmhouse with this simple wooden sign that features both cut out and printed words reading “Welcome to our home.” This 17.75” high x 11.75” wide sign hangs easily from a wire that remains hidden from the front. With a layer of distressed, white paint, it has a weathered look that warms up any space.

Home Cut-out Wooden Sign

Our simple Home Cut-out Wooden Sign brings a subtle, contemporary look to the stylish farmhouse. The stencil-cut script lettering sits at the center of a wood panel painted with an off-white color. It has distressed edges that give this wall art a hint of rustic texture. Hang this 6.5” high x 12” wide sign by the attached metal wire hanger around the home.

Grateful Cut-out Wooden Sign sold separately.

Blessed Cut-out Wooden Sign

Hang this contemporary, farmhouse-chic sign in the living room or around the home. Its inspiring cutout and printed lettering reads “blessed not lucky” over a white background with hints of rustic distressing at the edges. Measuring 14” high x 17” wide, it hangs by a metal wire hanger that remains hidden behind the sign while mounted.

Grateful Cut-out Wooden Sign

The stencil-cut script lettering of this simple wood sign brings a touch of contemporary style to your chic farmhouse. It reads “grateful” on a blue background with distressed edges and hangs by a subtle, attached wire hanger that stays hidden behind the wood panel. This sign brings a positive attitude to the living room, kitchen, or even the bedroom and measures 6.5” high x 12” wide.

Home Cut-out Sign sold separately.

Nicest Word Wooden Cutout Sign

“Home is the nicest word there is” reads this simple, wooden sign. The lettering is a mix of cutout script above printed, white text over a contemporary blue background. Place this 17” high x 14” wide sign over a fireplace or on a feature wall in the living room, kitchen, or around the home. It hangs easily by an attached wire hanger that remains hidden from the front.

Blessed Galvanized Metal Wooden Block

Display this farmhouse-inspired block in the home on a tabletop or windowsill. It reads “blessed” in distressed, white lettering over a dark-washed, galvanized metal panel. Four screws secure this panel to a whitewashed-wood block, accented by sanded-down edges, making it perfect for a simple, country home. It stands 2” high x 11.5” wide x 2” deep.