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Great savings on modern farmhouse home decor. 

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Angel Vine Moss Bird Ornament

Our Angel Vine/Moss Bird Ornament is made of tightly woven angel vine and green moss. It is 4¼" high by 8" wide and features a metal loop for hanging.
$1.49 $2.69

Distressed Wine Bottle Ornaments, 4/set

Our Distressed Wine Bottle Ornaments are made of painted, slightly worn wood with four assorted sayings. Measures 5" high by 1½" wide.
$4.99 $6.49

Santa's Boots Box Sign

This adorable wood box sign features Santa's boots with Christmas flowers and ornaments. It measures 8" high by 6" wide.
$4.99 $8.99

Self Serve Laundry Sign

Our vintage-inspired Self Serve Laundry Sign is a cream-colored, weathered wooden sign with "Self Serve Laundry open 24 hours" printed on the front. It features wooden appliques of the letter L and a blue iron. It measures 10" wide by 4" long.
$5.99 $10.89

Powder Blue Home Sweet Home Mug, Small

Made of enamel and featuring the phrase Home Sweet Home in whimsical script font, surrounded by a floral pattern, the Powder Blue Home Sweet Home Mug, Small, measures 3" high by 4 1/2" wide. Though it is not food safe, it is great for decoration, display or storage in almost any room of the house.
$5.99 $9.89

Lavender Twig Ball

Perfect for accenting a floral arrangement or even another piece of decor, the Lavender Twig Ball is made of dried lavender with floral green accents, and measures 6" in diameter with a jute hanger.
$9.99 $16.50

Heart Coin Purse

Made of sturdy, distressed fabric, the Heart Coin Purse features a black lace heart with black stitching. It also features a brass clasp closure and brass chain with large hook. Measures 4" high by 4¼" wide.
$9.99 $17.59

Goodnight Framed Sign

Our vintage-inspired Goodnight Framed Sign features the titular phrase on painted, distressed wood. The sign comes with two metal hangers and measures 6" high by 20" wide by 1" deep.
$9.99 $17.49

Powder Blue Home Sweet Home Bowl

Made of enamel and featuring the phrase "Home sweet home" surrounded by a floral pattern, the Powder Blue Home Sweet Home Bowl measures 2 3/4" high with a 5 1/4" diameter. It's great for storage or display in any room of the house.
$6.49 $10.69

Mixed Flower Wreath

With a splash of pinks and purples, this 9" Mixed Flower Wreath is a spring and summer dream! Hang it on windows and doors to bring nature to the home.
$10.99 $23.99

Powder Blue Home Sweet Home Mug, Medium

Featuring the phrase "Home sweet home" surrounded by a floral pattern, the Powder Blue Home Sweet Home Mug, Medium, is a great decorative accessory for the kitchen or living room, and goes well with its smaller and larger companion pieces. It's made of enamel and measures 4" high with a 4 1/2" diameter.
$6.49 $12.09

Powder Blue Home Sweet Home Mug, Large

Add a soothing reminder of home to your kitchen or living room with the Powder Blue Home Sweet Home Mug, Large. Featuring the phrase Home Sweet Home wreathed by a floral pattern, this enamel mug measures 4 3/4" high with a 6 1/4" diameter. It goes great with its smaller companion pieces, though please note that it is not a food safe product.
$6.99 $14.09

White Frosted Bottle

Like something from an apothecary's chest of drawers, the White Frosted Bottle makes a great accent to any shelf or counter top. Made of frosted glass, the bottle measures 4 1/2" high by 4" wide at the base, and it tapers at the top to a 1" wide opening.
$4.99 $14.69

Red Wooden Arrow

The Red Wooden Arrow strikes at the cross section of style and versatility. It is made of painted, distressed wood, and is a clever way to style your living room with a creative storage and display solution with the arrow's shelves. The piece measures 7" high by 20" wide.
$14.97 $28.49

Witch's Brew Toad Jar

Witches rejoice! Brews and potion-making just got easier with the Witch's Brew Toad Jar. The potion ingredient label is vintage-inspired with festive orange trim for Halloween. This jar is perfect as a Halloween centerpiece on the fireplace, in the kitchen or bathroom. Measures 7" high by 3¼" wide.
$15.99 $18.99

Wing of Raven Jar

This jar is perfect for storing your witches' brews and potions. With a vintage-inspired label that says "Coven Bottling Co., Salem Mass., EST. 1692", this jar is a witchy delight and perfect for your Halloween decor. The top of the jar is wrapped with black thread. Measures 7" high by 3¼" wide.
$15.99 $18.99

Antique Pewter Clock

The Antique Pewter Clock makes the perfect functional accent to your home office or living room. The metal clock features a face printed with the look of wood along with the word "Antiques." It measures 7" high by 5" wide and requires one AA battery, not included.
$17.99 $32.89

Antiques Sign

For your living room or for your "mom and pop" shop, the Antiques Sign comes with a jute hanger and features the phrase "Antiques bought and sold." It is made of painted wood and measures 5" high by 19" wide.
$18.99 $27.99