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Shop seasonal decor, including christmas ornaments, autumn wreaths and celebration signs to help your autumn turn into a beautiful farmhouse christmas. 


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Red Nose Reindeer Farm Sign

A black, corrugated metal reindeer is mounted at the center of this slatted-wood wall art. The reindeer is framed by black text that reads “Red Nose Reindeer Farm” and “sleigh rides,” as well as red holly berry-and-leaf motifs and an ornamental border. This wall art sign hangs by two metal d-ring hangers and measures 16 ½” tall x 19” wide and 1” deep.

Galvanized Metal and Wood Merry Christmas Tree Sign

This rustic holiday wall art reads “We wish you a Merry Christmas” in playful, white text set among snowflakes. Galvanized metal, cut in the shape of a Christmas tree, is corrugated and mounted to a wooden base by exposed screws. The wood has been brushed with textured white paint and shows hints of the wood beneath for an unfinished look. It measures 22” tall x 15” wide x ¾” deep and hangs by two metal d-ring hangers.

Red Truck Southern Pine Christmas Tree Metal Sign

Measuring 7” high x 15 ¼” wide x ¼” deep, this festive wall art hangs by two sawtooth hangers and reads “Southern Pine,” “Christmas tree,” and “fresh cut free delivery.” “Christmas tree” is written in playful script and set next to a red-and-green illustration of a truck carrying a pine tree. The printed edges of this enameled sign convey an antiqued, rusty look that brings vintage style to holiday decor.

Joy to the World Street Sign

This wall art resembles an old street sign with a white background, green embossed lettering, and a green outside border. It mounts to the wall by two holes that have been punched out and reads “Joy to the world!” Measuring 4 ½” tall x 20 ¼” wide, this metal sign has been aged for a rustic effect and can be displayed indoors or outdoors.

Peace on Earth Street Sign

Our Peace on Earth Street Sign mounts to the wall indoors or outside by two holes that have been punched through the metal. It reads “peace on earth” in red embossed letters over a white background with a red outside border. The paint has been worn down to a rustic appearance and resembles an old street sign. This wall art measures 4 ½” tall x 20 ¼” wide.

Under the Mistletoe Street Sign

“Meet me under the mistletoe,” reads this metal wall art. It measures 4 ½” tall x 20 ¼” wide and has the look of an aged street sign. The embossed white lettering sits over a green background, and has been aged and weathered to reveal rust spots. A hole has been punched through either side of the sign for easy mounting indoors or outdoors.

Farm Fresh Trees Sign

Our Farm Fresh Trees sign reads “farm fresh Christmas trees,” “pine spruce,” and “fir cedar,” in green text. The border of the wooden sign is painted with a red stripe, and in the center, red and green corrugated metal shapes make up the design of a tree in the back of a pickup truck. This sign has an overall vintage holiday feel and measures 17” high x 24” wide x 1” deep.

Wintertime Canisters, 3/set

Each metal can in our set of three nesting Wintertime Canisters has a wintery, vintage-inspired illustration and lettering that reads “home for the holidays,” “ice skating,” and “sled rides,” respectively. They all are accented by festive red and black stripes and the white backgrounds create an illusion of painted wood. Each comes with a wooden lid. The largest of the canisters measures 10” tall x 8” in diameter.

Please note: for decorative use only. This product is not intended to be used with food.

Red Metal Carafe w/Green Handle

Our Red Metal Carafe w/ Green Handle stands 16 ½” tall x 6 ¾” in diameter. The chipped enamel look and exposed seams give this carafe a primitive appeal that works well to display seasonal florals, while the vibrant red and green colors give it a distinctive holiday look. Floral sold separately.

Red Nose Reindeer Metal Tray

This metal tray has been weathered down, making it a perfect winter centerpiece in the home. The edges and handles have been painted red, while the inside surface of the tray has been embossed with worn red text, a reindeer, and green-painted holly leaves that frame the composition. It reads “Red Nose Reindeer Farm,” “delivering joy,” “since 1977,” and “sleigh rides.” It measures 4 ½” tall x 18 ½” wide x 13 ¾” deep. For decorative use only.

Tree Farm Arrow

Our Tree Farm Arrow measures 23 ½” tall x 14 ½” wide and is mounted by an attached triangular hanger. The red and white paint on the front side of this shaped wall art has been worn down to create a rustic texture. Metal lettering has been attached to the wooden arrow by exposed screws, reading “tree farm” and “fresh cut.” A corrugated, green metal tree also accents the front side of this wall art to complete the festive look.

Farm Animals Hanger

The vintage, watercolored look of our Farm Animals Hanger enhances wintery farmhouse style, whether it hangs on a wall in the home or from the doorknob by its rustic metal wire. A chicken, cow, and pig are illustrated together from top to bottom, respectively. The pig and cow wear festive wreaths with red-and-white bows. This metal hanger measures 9 ½” high x 6 ¼” wide.

Santa Stop Here Enamel Sign

Our Santa Stop Here Enamel Sign measures 12” squared with a red border and rounded corners. Text reads “Santa please stop here” in black lettering on a white background. Simple illustrations like a reindeer pulling a sleigh, stylized stars, and a holly motif give this metal sign a vintage farmhouse look that makes it a perfect wall accent for the holiday season.

Merry Little Christmas Enamel Sign

Place this enameled metal sign outside or inside for a classic holiday atmosphere. This sign is 12” squared with a rounded red border and reads “have yourself a Merry little Christmas” in a combination of plain black text and red holiday script, while red and green leaf-and-berry motifs accent the white space.

North Pole Co. Can

This vintage-inspired, red metal can has a rusty and chipped finish with a logo on the front side, reading “North Pole co,” “since 1888,” “handmade,” and “Delivering Toys.” An illustration of Santa Claus on a sled full of gifts led by reindeer sits in the middle of this logo. This can stands 4” tall x ¼” in diameter. It brings cheer to any room and looks great holding wintery florals and other festive trinkets. Floral sold separately. For decorative use only.

Sled Rides Bucket

Our vintage-inspired, metal Sled Rides Bucket has been aged for a rusty look and measures 4” tall x 5” in diameter. A red-and-white snowflake pattern wraps around the top and bottom of the bucket on either side of an illustration of a sled with a hat and mittens and the text that reads: “sled rides,” “mittens & hats,” “50c,” and “down hill races” on a white background. Floral sold separately. For decorative use only.

Mistletoe Co. Can

This green, vintage-inspired metal can has a rusted and chipped look, making it great for holding wintery florals and other festive trinkets. The logo on the front reads “Mistletoe Co. Love and Joy” with an illustration of mistletoe tied to a bell with a red bow. It stands 4” tall x 3 ¼” in diameter. Floral sold separately. For decorative use only.

Rustic Red & White Sleigh

Our Rustic Red & White Sleigh measures 7” high x 10” wide x 4 ½” deep. Its body is made of wood, has been painted red with white accents, and has been weathered down for a rustic finish. The metal bow of the sled is curled into a flourish, making it a wonderful vintage-inspired holiday accent that can be placed on any tabletop or shelf. Floral Sold Separately.