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Metal plaques, wooden signs, and quote decor with farmhouse personality and style. 


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Farmers Market Sign

This way to the Farmers Market! This distressed painted wood sign features a rusty hinge and the painted letters "FARMERS MARKET". Hang it up in the kitchen or pantry for a vintage farmhouse vibe. The head of the arrow is hinged, and the piece as a whole measures 4" high by 35-1/2" wide.

Country Christmas Enamel Sign

A modern take on the country Christmas! Featuring a windmill wrapped in Christmas lights and a red vintage truck, this white enamel sign is a lovely way to freshen up your Christmas decor. Sign hangs from a jute string hanger and measures 15" wide by 10½" high.

Christmas Tree Farm Corrugated Sign

This Christmas Tree Farm Corrugated Sign is the perfect addition to the vintage rustic Christmas. Santa's got a tree farm and his truck is full of trees and presents. The sign hangs on a jute rope hanger and measures 19¾" wide by 14½" high.

Moose Forest Christmas Silhouette

Bring the wonderment of the northern forest into your home with this Moose Forest Christmas Silhouette. This metal cutout sign features two moose in the woods with the phrase "Merry Christmas". The design is standing atop a metal base on which tealights or votives can be displayed. Measures 10¾" long by 2¾" wide and 6" high.

Holiday Wishes Wall Plaque

This beautiful vintage-inspired cutout sign declares "Have a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year" with vine and holly scrollwork on the sides. Made of metal and distressed with rust accents, the sign hangs on two d-ring loops and measures 16¼" wide by 11½" high.

Goodnight Framed Sign

Our vintage-inspired Goodnight Framed Sign features the titular phrase on painted, distressed wood. The sign comes with two metal hangers and measures 6" high by 20" wide by 1" deep.
$9.99 $17.49

Merry and Bright Plaque

Our Merry and Bright plaque will make a festive addition to your Farmhouse Christmas decor. This wooden slat board sign is painted white and features the phrase, "May your days be Merry and Bright," in old-school red and green lettering. It features red snowflake accents and measures 18" high by 14" wide and 3/8" thick. It has 2 hooks on the back for easy hanging.
$19.99 $26.29

Santa's Boots Box Sign

This adorable wood box sign features Santa's boots with Christmas flowers and ornaments. It measures 8" high by 6" wide.
$4.99 $8.99

Powder Room Vintage Sign

Vintage has never looked so fresh with this victorian-era Powder Room sign. Hang it in the bathroom or on the bathroom door for a perfectly posh look. This white sign has wood grain finish and hangs on two sawtooth hangers. Measures 6" high by 10" wide.

Good to be Home Wooden Sign

If you get home to take a deep breath and sip some wine, you'll get where this sign is coming from. This rustic, slatted wood box sign features a natural wood finish that features the phrase "It's so good to be home." Sign can either be freestanding or hung on the wall by two d-ring hangers, and measures 6" high by 14" wide.

Obsessive Cat Disorder Plaque

A decorative sign for those who decorate with cats. This lightweight metal sign features the silhouette of two cats and the phrase "I have got OCD. Obsessive Cat Disorder." Sign hangs on two sawtooth hangers and measures 6" high by 19" wide.

Forever My Always Plaque

A sign for the happy couple's home, this lightweight metal sign features the phrase, "You Will Forever Be My Always" in black, script lettering. Sign is accented with rusty, distressed edges. Hangs on two sawtooth hangers and measures 13¾" high by 10" wide.

Rules for Kids Sign

This lightweight, sky blue metal sign features an adorable list of house rules for kids, including "stand up for what is right", "no texting at the dinner table", "live in the now", and much more. Adorable for a kid's bathroom or family area. Sign hangs on two sawtooth hangers and measures 13¾" high by 10" wide.

Welcome To Our Farmhouse Plaque

Out of Stock! This lightweight metal sign has all the rustic character of an old farmhouse. Proudly displaying the phrase "Welcome to Our Farmhouse" and "Fresh Homemade, it hangs on two sawtooth hangers and measures 6¼" high by 20½" wide. Perfect for the foyer or kitchen.

Love Sign

This cursive metal cutout of the word "love" is perfectly shabby chic. Featuring a distressed ivory finish with rusty edges, this stand-alone sign will look lovely as a tabletop display or hung on the wall. Measures 4" long by 2½" high and ¼" deep.

Men are Like Wine Quote Blocks

These 4" x 4" quote blocks remind us of good jokes during girl's night out. Each pressed wood mini plaque is stenciled with humorous phrases and have a carved notch in the back for easy hanging. Hang them by the wine rack or gift them to a best friend.

But First Coffee Quote Blocks

Measuring 4" square, these adorable free-standing wooden blocks feature sayings that we've all said before: "Ok, but", "Never enough coffee.", and "I was going to give up coffee... but I'm no quitter." Perfect for the java-lover's kitchen or office.

Work Hard for My Cat Sign

If you'd do anything for your cat, we get it. This metal sign can cheer up the kitty food corner or add some wit to the office. Measuring 10" high by 13¾" wide, this lightweight metal sign hangs on two sawtooth hangers.